Mon 03/30/20

Western Australian Couple Take Two Shares OF $30 Million In Prize Money

Recently an anonymous couple privately came forward to claim their two shares of more than $30 Million in prize money for their Division 1 winning lottery tickets in the Saturday Lotto Superdraw! Putting Kalgoorlie on the world map and bringing a sense of civic pride to everyone in the local area, these two daring lottery investors managed to choose every number correctly and have become 2 of the 22 winners, willing to take home their $1.25 Million in personal prize money as a share of the overall jackpot cash pool.

Not much is known about the winners because if their decision to keep their identities a secret, but they are a couple and it has come out they were living on a shared pension before the big win put them into the Millionaire category forever. Gone are their concerns over making ends meet in a sour economy, thanks to their courage and strategic excellence as grand prize winners in a major lottery event.

They bought their winning tickets from the Lionel Street IGA in Kalgoorlie, as originally reported right here on Lotto 365, your world class news source for all Lottery News And Reviews.

Sure, there were 266,000 other secondary prize winners and Lotterywest has managed to simultaneously raise more than $5 million for the local community from lottery gaming winners - but the truly big story out of Kalgoorlie right now is the rags to riches glory of two local residents who have finally found their way to a path paved in gold, that comes with peace of mind and a luxury lifestyle as they grow old in jackpot happiness together!