Sun 04/05/20

UK Continues Winning Streak With 161 Million Pounds Sterling Jackpot

Lottery players know the value of a winning streak and never question their own luck. When you are on a roll, the air tastes sweeter and the sun seems to shine brighter. That's how it has been in the UK recently as the EuroMillions lottery announced a third British winner in just over a month!

Colin and Chris Weir won an amazing 161 Million pounds (equivalent to 239 Million Dollars) as the third winners from the UK in just over a month. EuroMillions can be played in many countries including: France, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and Luxembourg or as an online lottery game, so the number of winners coming from the UK lately is a surprising stroke of luck for jolly old England.

Colin and Chris Weir lottery winners

"The UK is clearly enjoying a run of amazing luck" said a National Lottery spokesman. "It's unbelievable that we have had a third huge EuroMillions win here in the UK.We have plenty of champagne on ice and look forward to welcoming the lucky ticket-holder into The National Lottery millionaires' club."

On top of the recent wins, the UK is also home to the jackpot record winners who took home 185 million euros in July of 2011. Also the second and third biggest wins were also claimed by British citizens. In fairness we must point out that the UK has more active players than any of the other countries participating in EuroMillions, but even so... not by a wide enough margin to explain the number of big wins the UK has seen in recent months.

Lotto 365 will continue to monitor this story for you and post updates as it evolves. Will the next big winner also be from Great Britain? Will the next big winner be you? The only way to find out is to play EuroMillions and check the lottery results here at Lotto 365 often!