Mon 03/30/20

Think Lucky To Win Big - £2m Jackpot Lottery Prize

The power of positive thinking simply should not be underestimated according to recent lottery winners Paul Kibler, a gardener and his wife Marie, a healthcare worker of Sutton Coldfield in the UK. They brought home a jackpot prize of £2,194,776!

There is little doubt that luck played a major role in this outcome. The winning lottery ticket numbers: 7,17, 21, 22, 38, 39 bought at the Spar shop on Whitehouse Common Road in Sutton Coldfield, include the day and month of Mr. Kibler's birthday, Mrs. Kibler's birthday and date of their wedding anniversary as well. A lovely combination of sentimental numbers that celebrate their love of life and each other.

The couple counted six numbers correct when they watched the drawing live on television, but weren't completely sure they had won. They called the Camelot lottery authority of the United Kingdom only to find out it was closed until morning. Finally, a 9AM the next day they were able to confirm their jackpot dreams had come true after 17 years of active lucky numbers play.

Paul Kibler lottery winner

The big win came at a great time. Mr. Kibler had been unable to work due to an accident last April when he fell 15 feet off a ladder and fractured his skull in two places, which also left him deaf in his right ear. The Doctors told the couple he was lucky to be alive at all after the near-death experience. Since then he has been subjected to a grueling schedule of surgery and rehabilitation but was still not able to work up until the winning moment.

Now, all those worries seem like they are in the distant past thanks to lottery money being paid out to the happy couple. 'This has really changed my luck" said Mrs. Kibler "I'm self-employed so the money has been a bit tight. I always remember a lady saying to me, think lucky and you will be lucky" said Marie Kibler. "That and trying to be more positive to deal with stress and worry has led me to make a real effort to look on the bright side."

Now that bright side will be a whole lot easier to find as the couple wakes up to greet each day knowing they have millions stored away in their own personal bank accounts. People always say if you win the lottery get away from it all for a bit. So we've booked a cruise and will take my dad, he's been brilliant over the last few months."