Mon 03/30/20

Ten Lifelong Friends Share £200,000 Winning Lottery Ticket Jackpot

Ten men who have been friends for decades became the most recent winning syndicate of the Health Lottery, but they didn't know it for more than a week and none of them remembered to check their winning numbers right away!

The 10 Rotherham syndicate winners include: Roy Ferguson, 67, Joe Worthington, 70, Ken Cheetham, 67, Barry Briggs, 68, Cyril Viney, 67, Alan Marshall, 66, Geoff Shakespeare, 70, his brother Les Shakespeare, 64, and a tenth friend who decided to avoid all the publicity.

Rotherham syndicate winners

Joe is retired after many years working as an appliances engineer and was quick to announce that he and his lads are ‘over the moon’ thanks to their lucky win. The whole group lived near Maltby in Rotherham and have been the best of friends since their early childhood.

“We’ve known each other all our lives. We played football together as teenagers, drunk together as youths in the pubs around Maltby, now we play golf together and sometimes meet up on a Friday. We put a couple of pounds on different lotteries each time. This time we did a lucky dip on the Health Lottery and it’s proved the best of them all – it only needs five numbers.”

The friends took their time deciding whether to split up the money or pool it together and do something as a group, but first there was plenty of time to open champagne and have a few drinks together in celebration. “We’re all aged from 64 to 70 and most of us are retired, so this has come at a nice time.”

Eventually they all agreed the £200,000 should be split equally, earning all ten men a £20,000 share from the syndicate. It's not life-changing money, but these gents are very happy with their lives just the way they are already. “It isn’t the biggest win you can have but it’s still a good amount. It’s a nice amount just to top everything up” Joe said. “People are doing different things with their winnings but I’m going to buy a car with mine. I’ve got a Volkswagen Golf so I’ll probably get another VW.”

The Health Lottery raises a lot of money for very good causes in the UK, relying on a rotating system to provide funding for many different societal needs. That's why, win lose or draw everyone is better off when ten man syndicates like this one play the lottery and share their love of life with one another.