Sun 04/05/20

Teenager Finds £52,981 Lottery Ticket Listening To Mom And Cleaning His Room

Ryan Kitching is a 19 year old who lives at home with his mom and usually resists cleaning his room. That is, until recently, when he finally listened and managed to find a jackpot winning lottery ticket in the process!

After more than two weeks of letting his mess get out of hand, Ryan finally cleaned up and found a ticket with five numbers in it. It wasn't until that moment that he decided to check his winning numbers against the published draw.

Ryan Kitching

Ryan, of Penicuik, Midlothian, isn't quite sure what to do with his winnings but the supermarket worker may want to seriously consider hiring a maid with the money now that his mess has made him a cool 50,000+ winner. Who knows how many millions worth of unchecked lottery tickets still remain under his piles of clothing and assorted teenage refuse. On his Facebook page he posted 'Special thanks to my mum for putting up with me haha!' - and he probably ought to consider giving her some of the winnings to make up for his messy ways as well.

He does plan to send his mother and father on a holiday together, but one wonders what the 19 year old might get into while both of his parents are away. In any case, this found money winning lottery story proves the age old adage once again, that a lottery ticket is never worth anything until you remember to check your numbers and claim your jackpot prize money. A lesson the lad has certainly learned for the future during one of the luckiest times of his life!