Fri 04/03/20

New York Lotto Pays Out $13.5 Million Dollar Win

Brooklyn mom, 42-year-old Sharisee Frails, suffered a stroke eight years ago and used a shiny red scooter to move around the room at her press conference. Thankfully she now celebrating a stroke of luck instead!

It's always a wonderful story when a lottery winner overcomes personal tragedy to triumph by beating the odds and bringing home a life-changing amount of money as part of an exciting lottery game win!

She used the automated Quick Pick ticket and let the machine-picked numbers 1-15-38-41-50-52 do the work for her as she became the sole winner of the multi-million dollar New York lotto jackpot prize. Choosing to be paid in one lump sum of $5.7 million dollars, Ms. Frails will never have to work or worry about paying her bills again.


New York Lotto became among the first United States lottery games to allow online play and the results have been excellent for the State so far. Lottery official reported that while Sharisee Frails took home a $13.5 Million dollar win, the federal and state governments also won an additional $3.5 million dollars from the jackpot for worthy programs that benefit all residents of New York as well.