Fri 04/03/20

Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Takes $52 Million

Marcia Adams, a 33 year old accountant from College Park Georgia wanted to get some chocolate for her boyfriend. While she was in the shop she decided to pick up a lottery ticket for the $72 Million dollar Mega Millions lottery drawing as well. Now she is the sole grand prize winner and can buy all the chocolate her boyfriend ever wants, or anything else the happy couple want to get!

When asked what she plans to do first with her new wealth, Marcia replied "I’m hiring a financial planner." She already made a smart decision on her own, opting for the $52 Million dollar lump sum payment instead of the full $72 Million dollar payout which would have been spread over a period of thirty years. Now with the help of a professional financial planner she can start finding important ways to defer or mitigate her tax burden along the way. By taking the all cash lump sum option, Adams forgoes $20 million of the potential pize, but she also gets access to the entire amount immediately and gains 30 years of investment equity. After state and federal taxes take about 35 percent, she will pocket about $33.8 million which over 30 years she should easily be able to turn into much more than the original 72 Million dollar jackpot figure awarded.

Marcia Adams

Ms. Adams and her boyfriend had gone to a local Chevron Food Mart on Buffington Road on Tuesday night to buy a candy bar. While she was there with her boyfriend she recounts "I told him to buy me a Quik Pik. He picked up one for himself and left the candy.”

This all happened less than one hour before the drawing so it didn't take long for Marcia Adams and her man to see who won. “I knew somebody won” said Adams “But I didn’t think for a moment that is was that ticket" until Thursday morning as the couple was on their way to work. “He checked the number on his phone, and screamed my name,” Adams said. “We pulled over to the side of the highway so I could check the number again. Then I said, ‘We’ve got to get to the nearest store so I could check the numbers again.”

For anyone charting the winning numbers, Ms. Adams won with the combination: 10-22-24-36-49 and she used 33 for her Mega Ball. Now her lottery jackpot winnings will allow her to take care of several different financial goals.

“I want this money to last so I can retire early, not retire now, and be comfortable and make sure that my family is comfortable. I want to make sure every investment is done with a sound mind, not just personal feelings. My boyfriend, of seven years, and I are going to plan our wedding” we want to “take a family trip. I don’t know where, but just as long as we’re together. We’re going to sit down with my parents, who have had some medical issues lately, and make sure their affairs are in order” and “I’ll probably get another house, only because now, my name is out.” All prudent purchases and wise decisions for a woman now fortunately enough to own a massive amount of lottery wealth!