Sun 04/05/20

Lottery Jackpots Are So Easy To Win - Some People Do It Even By Accident

Most lottery players put a lot of thought into which numbers they plan to play in their favorite multimillion dollar drawings. In that way Virginia Fike is like a lot of other lottery gamers. However, as she can tell you, luck still plays as much a role in who wins as skill ever will.

Recently Ms. Pike went to purchase two lottery tickets for herself. One was intended to be a Powerball ticket and the other was suppose to be for the Mega Millions drawing on that same day. Her plan was to play her lucky numbers in both lottery games to double her chance of winning big. She carefully picked her lucky numbers: 5-13-17-20-30 by using a formula she came up with on her own that paired her parents anniversary date with their ages divided by the year they were married.

When it came time to complete her purchase Ms. Fike made a simple mistake. She accidentally bought two Powerball tickets instead of one for each game as she originally planned. Of course when she found out she had the winning numbers on both tickets and that she had won 2 million dollars instead of one she was thrilled with her fortunate mistake.

Had Ms. Fike played both games as he planned, she would have only won once instead of twice and her winning would have been cut in half. The moral of this strange story is that when it's your luck day, nothing can stand in your way as long as you play. Now Ms. Pike can look back on that error and laugh her way to the bank with both winning lottery tickets and the kind of smile that only a 2 million dollar jackpot may bring!