Sun 04/05/20

EuroMillions £45 million Winner Reunites With His Mother

It was reported that the 22-year-old Mr. Topham had not been in touch with either of his parents since they separated six years ago. Perhaps in response to that trauma from his earlier life, Mr Topham is now planning to spend some of his lottery winnings on a dream wedding to the love of his life, and co-winner of EuroMillions, Miss Carrington.

Reporters have interviewed his mother, Ms. Julie Gamble when news broke of the winning ticket and awkward family relations. Julie Gamble fought back tears as she said she hoped the windfall of cash from EuroMillions would not somehow change her son's life for the worse. Then the 49 year old mother of the lottery winner was asked if she would be willing to reunite with him now that he had become a multi-millionaire. "That’s his choice at the end of the day, he knows where I am. I hope they are as happy together after the win as they were before it. I hope it changes their lives for the better, it’s a staggering amount. From what I can gather they are very much in love, I know Cassey is Matt’s rock."

Matthew Topham lottery winner

The win was the culmination of a recent lucky streak the couple had been on. They grabbed a EuroMillions lottery ticket because they had been feeling very lucky in the wake of a big bonus Miss Carrington won at work from the Iceland supermarket where she had been a supervisor until their lives changed forever.

The win is the seventh largest in UK lottery history. With great wealth also comes some responsibilities and the couple said they are already working on a list of people to help and things to buy, but there will be plenty of cash available for some personal luxuries as well. Miss Carrington wants to buy an Aston Martin and design her own home while Mr. Topham plans to take flying lessons.

Still, savvy lottery players are already aware that all the flying lessons in the world won't be able to replace the love and relationship of a mother. Still, Mr. Topham didn't make any reference to his estranged mother during their winning press conference celebration.

“I just felt fairly lucky that day so from then on I just thought 'I feel a bit of luck’. Having played [lotteries online] not very often – I’d won £10 twice – I thought, Seeing as I’m feeling a little bit lucky £10 will help us, so I decided to give it a go.”

As part of the modern generation of lottery players, the couple set up an online lottery account last Friday, which takes only a minute or two to do. Then she tried with an initial investment of £5 but did not win. She kept her courage and tried again with £3 on Saturday’s Lotto and a line for Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw which turned out to be the winning numbers. Turning £3 into £45 million for an amazing 6.667×10^ 6 percent return on her initial investment!