Fri 04/03/20

EuroMillions - £40,627,241 Winning Lottery Ticket

Gareth Bull, a builder from Aspley, Nottingham won an amazing £40,627,241 simply because he ducked into a shop hoping to avoid getting wet from the rain outside. His was the only winning lottery ticket to match all five main numbers and both lucky stars in the recent EuroMillions rollover drawing!

At a champagne celebration, Gareth and his wife thanked God for the rain while accepting their full payment of £40,627,241. Then the new celebrity told the media that he was simply waiting in his work van for the rain to stop when he noticed a Nisa store on the corner and decided to grab a Lucky Dip lottery ticket to help pass the time. “I just wanted to kill a bit of time while I was waiting for it to stop” he said.

Gareth and Catherine Bull

'Thank God for the rain': Lotto winners Gareth Bull and his wife Catherine with their Euromillions cheque

It wasn't until Saturday, that the forty year old father of two had the moment all lottery players dream about. He walked into his bedroom and paused for a long moment before telling his wife Catherine, 35, the life-changing news of their new found financial security and guaranteed monetary success!

“Gareth’s face was white and he was shaking,” said Catherine. “The ticket was shaking in his hand. I thought he was pulling my leg. I accused him of lying to me – then checked myself. My head was in bits and I thought the numbers matched and we had won £4,000. Then I thought it was £40,000, but the zeros and commas were all in the wrong place. At one point we thought it was as much as £4million – we couldn’t see straight.”
Now the new multi-millionaires will have professional accountants and advisors available twenty-four hours every day to help them count their money correctly. The couple plans to buy an Old Trafford executive box for all Manchester United games so fan Gareth and his boys can enjoy every match together in style. Then a trip to Disneyworld with his sons Declan, nine, and Joel, 10... and finally a new holiday villa for Catherine.

The couple claims their new wealth won't change everything. They still plan to keep their jobs and continue living in the dream home Gareth built in Mansfield Woodhouse. However, we have heard that sort of thing before from new winners and it isn't very likely that health insurance worker Catherine would really keep showing up each morning before preparing to take their boys to football practice.

The most interesting moments came over the weekend. Catherine had contacted Camelot to confirm their winnings but was waiting to get their full authorization. Meanwhile the couple told their sons to get ready for football practice and they chose not to tell anyone what was going on, in case there had been some kind of mistake. “I felt I was going to explode – I kept walking around the football pitch. I met a lady who was thrilled because she had won £500 on the HotPicks lottery – I told her that was fantastic” said Catherine.

It all goes to prove that you can win any time, any place, as long as you have a live ticket. Had Gareth sat in his van and skipped his intuitive decision to get a new lottery ticket he would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime!