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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Lottery Gaming is fun and can result in a life-changing jackpot win that answers your financial dreams. However, it also includes the possibility of losing. In fact, most lottery gamers lose more times than they win and keep investing because they believe they will hit it rich on the next try. That's why it's vitally important that you always keep your gaming in the proper perspective. As long as you are having fun, playing within your means and enjoying the adventure you'll always be a winner.

Our goal is to provide you with information that can be helpful to your as a lottery gamer. Some of that information comes in the form of reviews and guides, but there is also a value to giving you the responsible gaming information provided below. We want our gamers to have a great time, enjoy the action and hopefully win big - but most of all we want to make sure all of our readers are playing responsibly

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Some people are unfortunately predisposed to take an unhealthy approach to gaming. Risking an amount larger than they can afford, chasing after unsustainable losses, facing social anxiety or mental health problems that make it harder to find help or facing other real dangers associated with being unable to stop. If you are no longer having fun, find yourself losing more than you expected or notice obsessive behaviors affecting your mood it is important that you seek help right away.

The free survey on lets you answer a simple twenty questions online to do a self-diagnostic test and see for yourself if you might need to seek additional help. We strongly recommend all gamers take this survey as part of a Responsible Gaming approach and put the information to use, just like you would when doing anything else as part of your gaming adventure.

Further Responsible Gambling Information

Here is a list of some trusted links that will help you find the best responsible gaming information and gambling danger prevention services online:



At the core of all games of chance comes the innate understanding that each gamer must be responsible for their own actions and decisions. Each investment you make in lottery gaming carries an inherent financial risk. If you do win that doesn't necessarily mean that your win have future success gambling and losses are not excused due to a lack of proper ethical self-control. is a free lottery entertainment website intended to be used only by people above the age of consent, in good health and with the ability to exercise self-control by setting appropriate limits on their own risks. Your use of this website demonstrates your specific intent to take responsibility for your own gaming decisions and to hold harmless for any losses or difficulties real or imagined that you might associate with your own decision to gamble online. We wish you the best of luck every time you play online, but your health and financial security should never be a matter of luck. Set limits, live by them and enjoy yourself.

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