Fri 04/03/20

Rollover Madness For Irish Lotto

If you think you have the luck of the Irish, now is the time to test it out – because the Irish Lotto 6 is heading for an incredible rollover draw. This past week nobody managed to match all six balls, giving you the chance to win €4.5 million. The great thing is you can play Irish lottery online, so you don’t even need to leave the house to buy a ticket.

Lottery experts are predicting a peak in interest in the Irish lottery after it headed for a stunning rollover. It is rare for no player to claim the main prize in the Irish lotto, and

With the Internet making an increasing impact on our lives, gaming experts say that now is the time to play Irish lottery online. There are loads of chances to win, even if you don’t manage to get all of the six numbers correct.

The jackpot had already hit nearly €3m when the draw was made on Saturday. But it was quickly revealed that, while many players were able to claim minor prizes, no overall big jackpot winner was made. The numbers which would have won were 2, 5, 20, 30, 37, and 39 and the bonus ball was number 6

The Lotto Plus One draw saw the following numbers picked: 4, 8, 14, 21, 39, 40, while the bonus ball was 10. Meanwhile, in Lotto Plus Two, these numbers were picked out: 2, 8, 9, 12, 34, 45, and the bonus was number 31.

In 2012 the biggest single jackpot was €8.7 million, won by a lucky Irishman who bought his ticket in the town of Athlone.

Online Surge for Irish Lottery

Online sales of Irish lottery tickets have risen massively, according to local newspaper the Irish Times. The Times reported that the Internet has allowed an extra 43 percent of tickets to be sold and the number of players registered has reached an impressive 40,000. While this is a high number, it is not has high has some might have been expecting and there have been concerns over the complicated registration process. It is expected that this registration process is going to be changed in the near future, with those wishing to play Irish lotto online having relaxed rules.

Overall, lotto tickets and scratch card sales have dropped over the last year by some 3.5 percent. This is a blow to the industry, which is currently considering a new operator. The figures were revealed in an annual report published at the start of May. The report also showed that the Irish lottery has generated a massive €4.2 billion for good causes since it was launched back in 1986.

The organisation’s chief executive, Dermot Griffin, was proud of this figure, saying: “2012 will be remembered as the year when Ireland’s National Lottery passed the €4 billion milestone in terms of funds raised for good causes.”

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