Mon 03/30/20

Lottery Scam Backfires With Two Brothers In Prison

Two brothers from New York went to claim a 5 Million Dollar prize just days before their winning ticket was set to expert. However, when they made an unusual offer, telling state lottery officials they would take home less than the full amount if they could avoid a news conference - authorities became suspicious.

The officials stalled by saying a security check had to be completed before the big payday and did a full investigation that led to the brothers, Andy Ashkar, 34, and Nayel Ashkar, 36, being arrested and charged with attempted grand larceny and conspiracy! Authorities said the two brothers had tricked the actual winner, a customer at their parents’ convenience store.

The Onondaga County district attorney, William J. Fitzpatrick, said in a statement that Andy Ashkar was also charged with criminal possession of stolen property, the ticket in the “$500 Million Extravaganza” game, sold in October 2006. Andy Ashkar told the buyer at the time that it was only a $5,000 winner and, after pocketing $1,000 as a “fee,” gave the man $4,000, according to the statement from Mr. Fitzpatrick.

As for the real winner, the authorities did not release his name.

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