Mon 03/30/20

Eccentric $10,000,000 Lottery Winner Still Goes To Work As Promised

If you just won yourself a cool $10 Million in lottery jackpot money, what's the first thing you might do? Go on vacation? Buy a new home? How about your own yacht? Well. it seems Napier's mystery $10m Lotto winner has a different view of the world from most of us. He stayed true to his promise and went back to work!

The winner is a 50 year old man whose jackpot cashed out at $10,333,000 thanks to a $10m Powerball with a $333,333 slice of the First Division Prize kicker pool.

NZ Lotteries spokeswoman Karen Jones spoke to the winner and confirmed that he wishes to remain anonymous. She also mentioned the man said he went to work this morning to 'try and keep some normality in his life' while the win sinks in to his mind completely.

The fact is, if he keeps going to his every day job some might call him crazy, but that's only because they are forgetting now that he has 10m in the bank he deserves to be known as eccentric instead!

So he is going back to work to keep normality and until it sinks in? I would love to be a fly on the wall when it finally sinks in. Just a word of caution to everyone out will know if this guy works with you as it will be like a fireworks factory explosion (hopefully he does not work in a fireworks factory). As for me, you would not see me anywhere near my workplace if I won the $10 million in the lottery. I guess this goes to show you that the lottery can pay off.

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