Sun 04/05/20

€90 In Winning Jackpots Unclaimed According To The National Lottery

According to a National Lottery Spokesperson the total amount of unclaimed prize money is usually about 2% of all sales in any given year. Presently the lottery is maintaining more than €90 in unclaimed jackpot lottery funds from winners who have failed to collect their prizes during the last five years. 2011 marked the largest windfall for the lottery with nearly €17 million in prizes left uncollected in the accounts of the National Lottery.

Most of the money is from large numbers of smaller prizes that players allow to go unnoticed. However, surprisingly some of the unclaimed money does come from big jackpots that never get collected. So far, the largest unclaimed prize on record was for a €3.4 million jackpot from June 30th of 2001.

“The balance of unclaimed prizes will fluctuate depending on the various prize promotions being done and the timing of end of game announcements for scratch card games” said the National Lottery spokesperson. Under the lottery rules, winners each have 180 days to claim their prizes. After that the funds become property of the charitable organizations that benefit from the fair play of all lottery fans.

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