Mon 03/30/20

Toronto Lottery May Fund Transit For Residents

Councilor Doug Ford is looking for new ways to push the lottery in Toronto to avoid resurrecting failed tax programs while continuing to fund important civic expenses. Recently he explained that the Toronto lottery or a new casino complex could be used to help fund transit projects instead of bringing back a car tax that had slowed the local economy.

The three new revenue ideas to pay for the Sheppard subway included new lottery games with all proceeds specifically dedicated to the project, a new casino in the Etobicoke ward or new toll lanes on the popular Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway.

His brother, the Mayor of Toronto stressed that he would never raise taxes when the lottery can provide a fun exciting way to fund important projects instead. “The last thing I would ever do is to bring back the car registration tax” said Mayor Ford. “I will guarantee there will never be a tax on cars again ... there will not be any new taxes administered by my administration,” he added.

Officials from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation were surprised by the comments and explained that they do not currently have the legal mandate to do localized lotteries. “The OLG has always resisted special purpose lotteries for the main reason that there would be no end to the demand” said OLG chairman Paul Godfrey.

Perhaps government officials ought to look at 'unlimited demand' in a different lights. If people want to see local lotteries with many more gaming options, and taxes are universally disliked... would new lotteries with no end to the demand really be problematic? We surely don't think so!

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