Mon 03/30/20

Georgia Lottery Looks To Add Video Lottery Machine Options For Players

The Georgia Lottery games used to fund the HOPE scholarship and Pre-K programs may soon be getting a big boost thanks to a new resolution offered by lawmaker Ron Stephens from Savannah. His resolution in the Georgia State House would permit lottery officials to provide new 'video lottery machines' in any area where local officials request them.

Video Lottery Machines are much faster and more convenient for players, allowing everyone to get their lottery tickets faster than buying scratch-off or Powerball tickets from a store employee. In fact, a new 2011 study by the State Lottery Board showed that simply adding new video lottery machines might raise revenue for the State by more than 1 billion dollars per year! That increase would solve the major problems faced by the HOPE program and Pre-K educational expenses for all Georgia residents.

While some media outlets are blasting the proposed move, claiming it promotes gambling and represents a moral hazard, many more pragmatic people are starting to understand that a voluntary funding system like the Georgia Lottery can provide plenty of financial support for important programs without the despised use of tax hikes or other required forms of personal expense for societal interests. We will keep you up to date on this breaking news, and believe it is the start of a major trend that will soon take hold in many parts of the world. Governments are finally understanding that voluntary funding is better than required taxes, and that the lottery games people play can be a fast easy way to add some excitement to the lives of citizens who are mature enough to make their own decisions for themselves!

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