Sun 04/05/20

Fast Paced Keno May Come To North Carolina Lottery Next

Keno is one of the oldest lottery games and fans love it because of the fast paced action. Unlike other lottery ticket games, Keno drawings happen every few minutes, allowing players to enjoy multiple plays each day and watch the results in real-time from anywhere they happen to be. It's a centuries old lottery game and so far it is already available in 13 different states and Washington D.C.

Now the North Carolina Lottery is looking at the nearby Georgia Keno which happens every 4 minutes. Keno brought in $144 million in revenue for Georgia last year, and NC Education Lottery Executive Director, Alice Garland sees it as an excellent opportunity to expand. Partly because Keno can be played in bars and restaurants, watched on-line and benefit from draws happening much more often which translates into more money.
"We're a sales organization. We're all about maximizing sales so that we can make more money for education" said Ms. Garland. Last year, the NC lottery pumped millions into the school system and Keno may greatly improve those numbers overall.

However, not everyone is excited about Keno coming to town. "The more people are exposed to the lottery, and the more the lottery is expanded, the more possibilities exist that people become compulsive gamblers. Expanding the lottery is like passing out cookbooks on a fat farm" explained Ron Baity, Pastor of Berean Baptist Church and President of Return America, a national political action group.

Will Keno be ready for gamers in North Carolina and online anytime soon? Stay tuned to Lotto 365 for all the news and results regarding your favorite lottery games.

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