Mon 03/30/20

Lottery Winners Targeted By Public Assistance Programs

A state Senate panel in the State of Michigan approved new legislation designed to target lottery winners who are recipients of any funding from State public assistance programs.

The move follows a recent news story in which a man from Bay County had continue collecting and using welfare program food stamps for almost a full year after he had won a $2,000,000 Make Me Rich lottery game jackpot!
"We owe it to every Michigan family to make sure that the State is using their hard-earned tax dollars wisely and efficiently," said Moolenaar, vice chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. "We face tough decisions every day about how best to utilize the state's limited resources. Sometimes doing the right thing is difficult, but not in this case. Million-dollar jackpot winners should not be getting public assistance."
The legislation is listed as Senate Bill 711 and it requires that the Michigan Lottery authority notify the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) within seven days of any winner of a prize of $1,000 or more in any Michigan lottery game.

The bottom line is that if you play in Michigan and are on any kind of public assistance, be ready to have that assistance reduced as a result of any lottery wins.

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