Mon 03/30/20

Illinoisans Purchase Lottery Tickets Online From Home

Online lottery players are excitedly waiting for March 25, 2012 to get here. That's the magic date that the Illinois lottery has chosen to launch their state lottery ticket sales online.

“Research suggests there is an enormous market,” said Illinois Lottery Director Michael Jones. “We think we’re going to be able to start selling tickets at the end of March.” In fact, officials expect as many as 500,000 additional players during weeks when the prize has grown to a large enough amount.

The online Illinois Lottery will also have a few important safeguards built into the system by their private management company. Players will be able to purchase their online tickets with credit or debit cards, unlike past store sale rules which required cash only. To offset the risk of some players spending beyond reasonable limits, the games will automatically max out how much any player can spend on one draw. The idea is to protect eager players from becoming overzealous and creating credit problems for themselves. "One of the things we’re discussing amongst ourselves and with outside people is what should that limit be per draw?” Jones said.

The system will also protect children by restricting purchases from anyone under 18 and it may even restrict play by people who are not residents of Illinois. It's possible the jackpots will not be payable to anyone who isn't a resident of Illinois so be sure to read the terms of service very carefully before buying tickets online if you are an out of state resident.

Still, as just the first step toward a free and easy way of buying your lottery tickets online, Illinois is making excellent progress and players are looking forward to all of the evolutions yet to come!

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