Sun 04/05/20

Florida: Blurring The Line Between Lotteries

For many years gamers have wondered why governments make such a stark distinction between Lotteries and other games of chance. Now many offer Scratch Card games and operate race tracks with large casino game areas. Finally it seems Florida is about to put player convenience at the head of its priority list!

Legislators are working out the details on an agreement that will allow vending machines to dispense lottery tickets of any kind to players. That means one machine can quickly and easily handle Powerball, Lotto and other game tickets which are unfortunately only available via counter sales currently.

Lottery players can already buy instant scratch off cards via vending machines throughout the state but inexplicably, tickets for games such as Lotto, Powerball, Fantasy 5 and Cash 3 can only be purchased from a cashier presently.

"It's simply a distribution method. It is not an expansion" said Lottery Secretary Cynthia O'Connell. "It's really just providing our players more of what they want, in one convenient transaction and we constantly get positive feedback from the retailers about how they're not having people stand in line unnecessarily."

This may also be a precursor to the state of Florida providing full access to all of its gaming opportunities directly online in the near future. A very welcome road toward international investment in their school systems and greater gaming convenience for players world wide.

This particular proposal calls for 350 new machines and is expected to bring in an extra $21 million Dollars in revenue which the state of Florida spends on schools.

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