Fri 04/03/20

Iowa Lottery Puts A Deadline On Jackpot Mystery

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Lottery officials have started to lose patience with one alleged winner and are now setting a deadline for him to provide additional details about the winning lottery ticket that he is attempted to cash.

The Iowa lottery mailed a letter to Mr. Crawford Shaw of Bedford, N.Y. asking for the identity and contact information of the person who bought the winning lottery ticket at a local Des Moines, Iowa gas station during December of 2010 and also the names of anyone else who possessed the winning ticket between the time it was purchased and December 29th when it was delivered to their agency for payment.

Apparently Mr. Shaw signed the ticket on behalf of a trust. However Mr. Shaw signed the ticket on behalf of Hexham Investments Trust, but lottery officials said that he had misspelled the name of the trust by leaving out the second "H" in the name. Later when asked about the transaction, Mr. Shaw refused to answer any questions about the lottery ticket chain of custody.

After the prize had gone unclaimed for almost a full year. The lawyers surprised everyone when they submitted the ticket for payment only two hours before it expired and demanded full payment of the multi-million dollar jackpot grand prize.

Now Iowa is warning everyone that they may deny payment of the multimillion-dollar jackpot unless the New York attorney who turned in the winning ticket gives them the details they demand by Friday. It's a very strange set of circumstances with a lot of money at stake. Lotto 365 will keep you informed of any precedent-setting decisions made in Iowa.

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