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U.S.A. - Hot Lotto

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The U.S. Hot Lotto, run by the same organization that handles the Powerball lottery, is available in 15 different states. The Multi-State Lottery Association oversees issuing the lottery tickets and drawing the numbers. The player picks five numbers and a sixth Hot Ball number in an attempt to win the jackpot.

Lottery Odds And Statistics

The Hot Lotto has nine different number matches which result in an awarded prize for the player. Prizes start at $2 and go up to the jackpot, which is currently set at 1.2 million dollars. The odds for winning the lowest prize amount is 1:39.31, while the odds for the jackpot is 1 in 10,939,383.00. The prize amount is also affected by whether or not the player pays for a sizzler. The sizzler option adds one dollar to the overall price of the lottery ticket, but awards three times the prize. The overall chance of winning a prize at Hot Lotto is approximately 1:16.

Lottery Security And Results

The Hot Lotto drawings are not broadcast on television, nor do they use balls to pick the winning matches. Instead, a random number generator provides the five main numbers, plus the Hot Ball number, in order to determine winning tickets. They had previously been televised, but stopped this practice in 2006. All Hot Lotto drawings take place in Iowa.

Lottery History

Hot Lotto was created on the 10th anniversary of the Powerball Lottery. The very first Hot Lotto drawing was held on April 10, 2002. The MUSL has kept the drawings in Iowa, even though other lottery drawings have moved out of state. The largest prize was awarded in 2007 for 19,970,000.


Hot Lotto is a lottery game that matches up to six numbers in order to win the jackpot. Nine winning configurations are given and tickets can be purchased in participating states. The jackpot increases as it goes unclaimed, with the highest prize awarded at over 19 million dollars.

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5/39 + PB 1/19
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25 annual installments & About 57.00% Cash
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About 31.50%