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Sweden - Viking Lotto

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The Viking Lotto is not only one of the most popular lotto games in Europe, it is also the first multi-national lottery game created to attract more than one country. Simply choose the right six numbers in the Viking Lotto and you can collect the big jackpot in one lump sum! Lottery drawings occur once each week. You can even purchase your Viking Lotto tickets up to a year in advance so you never miss a game! Ticket prices are as low as $1.45 each so get your Viking Lotto tickets right now!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

The Viking Lotto runs on a simple 6/48 matrix. Players choose six numbers from 1 to 48. If a player matches all six numbers they become the winner of a first division prize! There are several other ways to win prizes in the Viking Lotto through the five-tier system. The odds of winning the grand prize in the Viking Lotto are 1 in 12.27 million. The odds of winning any prize in this Swedish Lotto are just 1 in 53!

Lottery Security And Results

The largest win in the Viking Lotto occurred on August 18, 2005 when a lucky winner took home six million Euros! Generally Onsdags lotto payouts range from £400,000 to £2 million. Results are broadcast on live television and printed the local newspaper the next morning. The Viking Lotto is overseen by an independent lottery organization to ensure fairness in gaming.

Lottery History

The Viking Lotto was created in 1993 when the lottos of five different countries joined up to form the Viking Lotto bloc. Today members of the Viking Lotto include the countries of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden. A few years later the Republic of Estonia also joined. Depending on the region the Viking Lotto is also known as the Onsdags Lotto or the Vikingalotto.


Win millions by playing the very generous Viking Lotto. The nearly immediate lump sum winnings will change your life forever! Proceeds from the Viking Lotto go toward a variety of good causes throughout Northern Europe. Onsdags even pays out a prize for matching just three numbers! Be sure to play this high-action lottery game today!

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