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Spain - El Gordo

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El Gordo is a special seasonal lottery game that takes place annually during the Christmas holiday. It’s also known as Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad or the Christmas Lottery. It is typically the highest paying lottery in the world where lucky winners can take home over a billion Euros! It is the world’s only multi-billion Euro lottery. The locals know this lottery as The Fat One because the payout is enough to change the lives of an entire village! The lottery takes place on December 22 of every year so get your tickets today!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

There are so many prizes awarded for various draws during El Gordo the odds of winning are just 1 in 6! A numbered ball is drawn and then another ball is drawn that contains the prize value. Anyone matching that number gets the pulled prize amount. Lottery tickets come with pre-selected numbers on them, this is not a pick and choose drawing. Drawings continue throughout the day and as each hour goes by, tens of thousands of winners are created.

Lottery Security And Results

El Gordo is played all over the world. The Spanish government oversees all operations with an end goal of creating as many lottery winners as possible. In 2011 there were over 2.6 million prizes issued! The prize fund fluctuates and during 2011 the fund was up to 2.32 billion Euros! This lottery has increased the wealth of entire towns!

Lottery History

El Gordo is unique in that the tickets are pre-printed and they have the ability to actually sell out. There are only a certain number of tickets available and once they are gone that’s it! The first drawing took place in 1812 and it has been a holiday tradition in Spain ever since. It is so popular El Gordo has become a part of Spanish history and will be around for many years to come. Local students sing out the numbers and prizes as they are drawn, which typically generates a lot of applause, especially when the prizes are large! Proceeds from El Gordo benefit the citizens of Spain via many social and educational programs.


El Gordo is so big over 98% of Spain’s population joins in to play! On December 22 each year most of the country is at a standstill, waiting for the drawings to begin, which last a few hours. Last year over 2.6 million prizes were given out making this one of the largest payout lottery drawings of all time! Pick up your El Gordo lottery tickets online right now!

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