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Ontario - Ontario 49

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At only 50 cents per play, the Ontario 49 lottery game is one of the most affordable and beloved jackpot propositions in all of Canada. With a grand prize set at $1 million per draw and the ability to get your lottery tickets as far as 10 draws in advance, it's also one of the most convenient. There are new drawings every Wednesday and Saturday with tickets sold online until 9PM (EST) on draw nights. So get in on all the action and bring home a cool million from the sweet spot of Canada right now!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

One of the best parts of Ontario 49 is the simplicity of the Selection Slip. All you need to do is mark Ontario 49 in the game box and choose six numbers from 1 to 49. No bonus numbers or extra lucky stars to deal with, just a straight up chance to win by matching six numbers from 1 to 49. That also makes your odds really easy to calculate.

Match all 6 numbers to win your share of the $1 Million grand prize with odds of 1 in 13,983,816. 5 of 6 will get you $500 at 1 in 55,492. 4 of 6 is good for $50 at 1 in 1,033 and if you match just half of your picks for a 3 of 6 win you earn back $5 at 1 in 56.7 which is 10 times your 50 cent investment! Overall the odds you will win more than it cost you to get your ticket are an amazing 1 in 54!!!

Lottery Security And Results

Canada is well-known to lottery fans as one of the true safe havens for big jackpot wins with other Lottery games that routinely reach many millions of dollars per drawing. As one of the smaller jackpot games with payouts staked at exactly 1 Million per jackpot, the safety and security of your next big win on Ontario 49 is guaranteed by a government sanctioned entity with a long history of successfully paying players.

Lottery History

Canada's Ontario 49 Lotto uses a number field that has not changed at all since the game first began way back on February 10th of 1999. That makes the game results easier to predict because simple research can show you which numbers have already been selected and which combinations are 'due' to hit in an upcoming drawing as well.


Ontario 49 gives you a simple chance to win a million without any unnecessary complexities or added complications. Just pick your six numbers, sit back and enjoy the excitement on your way to a seven figure payout from one of the world's most trusted lottery organizations.

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