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Massachusetts - Megabucks

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Megabucks is an easy to learn lottery game in the state of Massachusetts. It operates on a rollover system so if no one matches all six numbers the jackpot rolls to the next game. This means Megabucks can build a substantial prize over time! Megabucks only costs $1 to play and there are many additional prizes besides the big jackpot.

Lottery Odds And Statistics

Megabucks Lotto works with a 6/42 matrix which means players choose six numbers from 1 to 42. Match all six numbers and you are the jackpot winner Prizes are also awarded to players who match 5, 4 and even just 3 numbers! The odds of winning the big lotto are 1 in 5.24 million. Second place odds are 1 in 24,300. The odds of matching 3 numbers jumps to just 1 in 36!

Lottery Security And Results

Most state lotteries now operate on a random number generator to select the six winning numbers but Massachusetts works differently. They still use the old fashioned numbered lottery balls to draw their Megabucks lotto game. Three test draws are taken before the big game to make sure the system is working correctly. Over 1700 players have won the Massachusetts Megaball lottery since it started in the early ‘80s. Lottery payouts are automatically issued in annuity payments. There is no lump sum plan and winners must come forward within one calendar year. The largest prize ever awarded in Megabucks history was $294 million to a Lowell, Massachusetts player back in 2004.

Lottery History

The Massachusetts Lottery started in 1971 after the court system legalized gambling within the state. The purpose of the lotto in Massachusetts was to generate funds for various social programs throughout the state. The Megabucks game was launched in 1982 and has become one of the most popular lottery games in the northeast.


Every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:07 p.m. players flock to their television sets to see the Megabucks lottery numbers. Massachusetts lottery fans play Megabucks because the payouts are typically huge and the game is simple to play. Lottery players must be 18 or over . Grab your tickets today because the Megabucks lotto holds the highest lottery payout in United States lotto history!

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20 annual installments & About 57.00% Cash
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