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Canada - Lotto Max

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Lotto Max continuously has the highest record lottery winnings in the entire Canadian lottery arsenal. It is the newest game offered and instantly has become a huge hit among lottery aficionados across the globe. The initial Lotto Max jackpot begins at an incredible ten million dollars and when rollovers happen it can quickly climb to the tens of millions! For just five dollars you get three entries into the lotto so pick up your tickets today!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

Lotto Max runs on a 7/49 matrix. Players choose seven numbers from a general pool of balls numbered 1 to 49. An eighth number is also drawn. This bonus number allows players an even greater chance to win. The odds of winning the grand prize jackpot are 1 in 28.63 million. Second tier prize odds are 1 in 4.09 million, third tier are 1 in 99.7 thousand and the odds of winning any prize in Lotto Max are just 1 in 6.6!

Lottery Security And Results

As with all lotto games in Canada Lotto Max is organized by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. The ILC has been in operation since 1976 and has a long-standing reputation for ensuring fair gaming practices nationwide. On November 6, 2009 Lotto Max produced a $50 Million winner when a single ticket in Manitoba correctly matched all of the numbers.

Lottery History

Lotto Max was launched on September 19, 2009 and replaced the old national Lotto Super 7. The previous game had been around for fifteen years and the lottery commission decided to come up with something even more exciting. The first drawing took place on September 25th of the same year and with all of the rollovers the first multi-million dollar grand prize was finally claimed in November. Proceeds from Lotto Max are distributed in the provinces in which the tickets were purchased. Each province gets to decide where the funds are used and the majority go toward charitable local causes.


Every Friday night lottery players tune in to watch the live televised Lotto Max drawing. In a matter of seconds they could be the next multi-millionaire. The drawing starts out at a life-changing $10 Million and with rollovers being fairly common the sky is truly the limit!

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