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Brazil - Quina

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Brazil is becoming a lottery powerhouse in recent years and the addition of the Quina Lotto jackpot is building on the Brazilian momentum beautifully! Players win by correctly matching 5 numbers from a range of 1-80 and can take home secondary prizes with two other jackpot prize categories for getting just three or four correct numbers. The Quina jackpot starts at $R300,000 and unlike some other games, there is absolutely no rollover cap so every week without a winner means a bigger bang for your buck next week!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

When you play the Quina Lotto online, players choose five different numbers from a range of 1-80 and your can choose to play a 5 line entry or select a simpler form that gives you all the possible combinations of your seven lucky numbers to increase the chance you will win a Quina lottery jackpot prize! The Quina lottery is one of the only lotteries in the world offered six days every week so players who enjoy a daily dose of excitement can get in on the action again and again with the most chances to win of any lottery game in Brazil.

Lottery Security And Results

Quina has also been used several times to celebrate different events in Brazil. For example, on June 24th, the Quina Lotto celebrated summer with the Quina de Sao Joao Super Draw and a starting jackpot of R80 million in honor of the Festival of Sao Joao. As usual in Brazil, all winnings are paid out in a lump sum one-time payment after being taxed at 13.80% via Brazilian Federal tax policy.

Lottery History

The Quina lottery game was started in March of 1994 by the Caxia Company to create a government sanctioned lottery game capable of giving players a fair chance to win while selecting numbers themselves, instead of relying on local raffles or sweepstake draws which had dominated the Brazilian gaming scene without much supervision by legal authorities. Due to the fairness and legal backing, Quina quickly became one of the most popular lottery games in all of South America. By providing excellent value, a fair playing platform and an attractive gaming experience, Quina has set itself up for many years of success to come.


The Quina lottery makes sure everyone is a winner by giving players 90 days after each draw to claim your winnings. If any prize goes unclaimed, the money is immediately transferred to the Fund for Student Financing of Higher Education. Meanwhile more than 33% of the total Quina drawing funds are used to fund government initiatives. However, with as much as 40% of the funds also going to cover administrative maintenance, that leaves just 27% of the money raised to be paid out in prize pools - making it one of the weakest winner pools of any lottery online. Add in the 1 in 80 odds and many players find themselves seeking out other lottery games to play instead.

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