Fri 04/03/20

Lotto Jackpot Prizes Change Daily, Choose Wisely

Unlike online casino games which have the same odds each day, one of the key differences with lottery play is the fact that the Jackpot Prizes change daily. While your odds of winning are approximately the same each time a lottery drawing is started, due to roll-over prizes and bonus days, the amount you are trying to win can be radically different from one week to the next.

For example, a EuroMillions drawing may be worth more than 100 Million Euros in one grand prize after several weeks of roll-over, or it may only be worth a few million if the grand prize has recently been won by another player. That means, some weeks Euro Millions may be your best lottery choice and other weeks it can be one of the worst games to play.

Expert lottery players agree that one of the most important calculations a lottery player should make before investing in a new online lottery ticket is: dividing the grand prize amount currently offered by the odds of winning.

For example, let's imagine there are two different lotteries available and you are choosing which one to play. The first lottery has a prize of 1 Million and a chance of winning for 1 in 2 Million. Doing the math, 1 Million divided by 2 Million equals .50 as your lottery pro multiplier. On the other hand, let's assume a second lottery has a 100 Million prize and a chance of winning for 1 in 40 Million. Dividing 100 Million by 40 Million we get a lottery pro multiplier of 2.50. That's 5x better than the multiplier we got from lottery one, making lottery two in this example the much better investment for this week!

Of course, the numbers change each week so you'll need to recalculate the multipliers for each game you are interested in playing to keep your data current and make the best decisions.

Keep in mind there are also some other factors that must be kept in account. How stable and secure the payouts would be. Whether or not a specific lottery has special tax consequences based on the country you live in, and things of that nature are vitally important as well.

However, in every case, your first move should always be to know the multiplier and to make your lottery winning decisions accordingly. Lotto 365 can help with odds listed on dozens of the top games, detailed online lottery reviews and a current feed showing the drawings results of all the games.

Play Smart. Win Big. Good Luck!